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Easy and Intuitive MSI Builder and EXE to MSI Repackager

EMCO MSI Package Builder is a solution that helps you to create MSI packages easily. It allows you to build MSI packages manually using visual editor, customize existing installations and repackage legacy EXE installations into MSI format. All packages produced by EMCO MSI Package Builder are ready for centralized unattended deployment to remote PCs in a silent mode. The application is easy and intuitive and doesn't require you to have any special training.
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 Latest version: 8.1.2 (January 11, 2021)

EMCO MSI Package Builder is an advanced MSI authoring tool that significantly simplifies MSI creation and EXE to MSI repackaging tasks. Easy visual editor allows you to create MSI package from scratch in minutes, but the most advanced functionality of the application is repacking of third-party EXE installations into MSI. Thanks to the unique Live Monitoring technology you can repackage even complicated setups quickly and easily and get the most accurate repackaging result.

  • Live Monitoring technology, used for installation repackaging, tracks file system and registry changes at the real-time. Monitoring results includes information by system process that initiated every change. It allows to filter out unwanted changes and keep only modifications applied by repackaged installation. This approach works faster and provides more accurate results than snapshots comparison approach used by other EXE to MSI repackagers.
  • No training required to use the application. Create, repackage, modify installations using visual editors and wizards.

How Does MSI Package Builder Work?

If you like to create MSI manually, you can create MSI project, specify files, registry keys, shortcut services and other resources with the information about actions that should be performed with them during the installation. Having MSI project the application can generate an MSI package. But you also can create a project automatically. Just activate Live Monitoring and apply required changes - the application will track them and create MSI with these changes for you.

You can use Live Monitoring technology for repackaging of visual EXE installations into silent MSI packages or to customize third-party installations to prepare them for a remote deployment in automatic mode. In this case you can activate monitoring and follow installation wizard steps. The application will capture all file system and registry changes and then generate MSI that reproduces them. Generated MSI doesn't require interaction with user and can be deployed silently.

MSI Packages Creation

  • Intuitive visual editor that allows to configure file system, registry, shortcuts, environment variables, services installation changes.
  • Automatic MSI project and MSI package generation by tracking file system and registry changes using Live Monitoring technology.
  • Generation MSI packages for x86 and x64 platforms with an ability to specify various installation options.

EXE to MSI Repackaging

  • Successful one-click repackaging of third-party installations, including large and complex installations such as MS Office and Adobe tools.
  • Unique Live Monitoring technology that reports associates system processes with their changes and allows to filter out unwanted changes.
  • Customization of third-party installations to apply pre and post installation steps.

Awards and Recognition

Year after year, EMCO MSI Package Builder has been receiving various awards from editors and readers of leading IT resources. These awards are the acknowledgement of our advanced product design and commitment to quality that we stick to.

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