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Installation Repackaging Options
You can convert non-silent EXE installations to a silent MSI package using installation monitoring or wrapping methods of installation repackaging.
Monitoring Environment Configuration
The program allows you to monitor an installation on a local machine or on an existing virtual machine. You can monitor an installation on a virtual machine hosted on Hyper-V and VMware servers. In this case, the program connects to the selected VM remotely to perform installation monitoring and use the captured changes to generate an MSI on the local machine. It helps you to switch among different monitoring environments quickly and easily.
Installation Wrapping Configuration
To repackage installations using wrapping, you need to specify the paths to one or multiple installation files and input silent execution parameters for every installation.
Installation Visual Editors
All installation project data - whether created manually or automatically - can be managed through visual editors. You can edit the project properties, file system/registry changes, etc.
MSI Generation Options
When generating an MSI package, you can configure its settings, its target platform, upgrade options, information to be displayed in Windows after the installation, etc.
Pre and Post-Installation Actions
You can configure custom pre- and post-installation actions to be executed after you have installed the generated MSI package. It's possible to run executable files, scripts, etc.
Managing Files and Folders
An MSI package can be configured to create, delete or modify files and folders. File system changes can be automatically captured and edited through visual editors.
Using System Folders
To create platform-independent MSI packages, you can use system folders that refer to the corresponding Windows system locations instead of using absolute file paths.
MSIX/AppX and App-V Packages Generation
Using the Architect edition of the program, you can generate packages in other formats, such as MSIX/AppX and App-V. You can monitor an installation to repackage it into these formats or use existing projects to generate MSIX/AppX and App-V packages.
VM Profiles
Using the Enterprise and Architect editions of the program, you can monitor installations on Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines. The program allows you to configure servers that host virtual machines and to create VM profiles to configure virtual machines to be used for monitoring. In the repackaging process configuration, you can select a VM profile to perform monitoring on the corresponding VM.
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